"50|50" campaign

"50|50" campaign

What is the 50|50 Campaign?

"50|50"campaign is a solidarity campaign initiated and launched by Dr. Undraa Agvaanluvsan in December 2017 for advancing gender equality and promoting gender balances in Mongolia.  While, in terms of numbers, our population has the almost perfect balance between the two sexes (49% of the total population being men and 51% being women), these numbers, unfortunately, do not represent equal opportunities and equal participation for both men and women in the social, economic and political context, especially in the decision making level. 

Moreover, it appears that many of us are either unaware or unacknowledging of the issues we have in our society such as comparably short life expectancy among Mongolian males, increasing number of uneducated/unemployed men, alcoholism, and widespread depression. Mongolian male life expentancy is 11 years shorter than female which makes the gap 3 times larger than world average. Another striking example might be that the female university students outnumber their male counterparts at least two fold. Such a reserve-gender imbalance have negative consequences for individuals, families, organizations and society.

While Mongolia has seen some progress in the past in respect of empowering women (such as passing legislation that increases political participation through quota), there have been many drawbacks and instances whereby the long fought positive changes did not last for long.   Realising that the status quo will only be challenged and changed for good if everyone has a role to play in making gender equality a reality lived by Mongolian men and women, the most important task ahead is to change the public's perception of gender equality that it concerns women only. 

"HeForShe" United Nation Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality aims to achieve gender equality by encouraging men and boys to take action against negative inequalities faced by women and girls and proposes to mobilise one billion men and boys in support of gender equality. In support of the same mission, "5050" Gender Equality Campaign follows the footstep of the HeforShe movement and commits to empowering 500,000 Mongolian men as gender equality advocates.  

"50|50"Gender Equality Campaign differs from other gender or gender related campaigns or activities in Mongolia as its goals are to achieve gender equality by:

  • changing public's common perception of the concept of gender equality that it only concerns women (i.e. ending the common view it is a struggle for women by women); 
  • acknowledging and addressing that men also face negative inequalities due to common stereotypes in Mongolia;   
  • spreading public awareness that gender equality is an issue that that affect both sexes in social, economic and political context; 
  • encouraging and inviting men and boys to act as advocates of change and take action against negative inequalities faced by women and girls (vice versa for men and boys); and 
  • putting forward "new gender equality concept" in Mongolia that acknowledges the differences of both sexes (biological and social etc.) but encourages equal treatment and equal opportunities for both sexes and fairness.  

Through our campaign, we aim to bring positive changes in relation to: 

  • equal access to primary needs such as education, health care, workplace and participation in political and economic decision-making; and
  • protection of rights of both genders, eliminating the discrimination and violence, (bringing the ideal peaceful, prosperous and sustainable living in our country).

"50|50" campaign should not be viewed as an campaign that only focuses only in advancing women's rights and women's empowerment. It aims to improve quality of life for both men and women and achieve measurable changes in public awareness.  


  • a gender-aware culture change;
  • changed/new public perception of the concept of gender equality in Mongolia; 
  • engaging 500,000 men and boys across Mongolia in promoting gender equality and take action for women and girls; and 
  • bringing reforms/changes at legislative level.